Professional lawn care powered by the sun

We mow grass for customers in boulder county and we do it well. What sets us apart is that we use electric mowers, trimmers, edgers, and blowers powered by solar panels mounted to the top of our trailer. This way you get a clean cut without the noise and air pollution of typical lawn care equipment. 

We charge a flat rate for weekly mowing service starting as low as

$35 per week

Request a free quote online and we'll send you an estimate based on the size of your lawn. There are no commitments, you can cancel at any time.

Planet Earth absorbs enough solar energy in an hour to power the entire world for a year...

So, why burn fossil fuels when clean energy is so abundant...

Clean City Cuts provides professional lawn care using equipment powered by the sun.

Serving Southeast Boulder County

About Clean City Cuts

Clean City Cuts started with a mission to reduce emissions in the lawn care industry. It was started by an Army veteran with a background in the solar energy industry and many years of experience as an organic farmer. This community means a lot to us and we want to keep it clean. Help us keep the city clean by choosing to ditch gas powered lawn care equipment.