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How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn?

How often you should mow your lawn depends on the variety of grass in your lawn, but as a generality, grass should be kept between 3-4" inches tall. That means cutting the grass once a week when temperatures get above 55 degrees. Here in Colorado, that usually means mid-April through the end of October. At Clean City Cuts, we focus on ways to maintain healthy lawns and that means keeping the grass at a desirable length. Not too short, not too tall.

Not too short

If you cut the grass too short, you leave the grass vulnerable to weeds and pests. Nothing attracts weeds and pests like unhealthy grass. Alternatively, healthy thick grass can block out weeds and fend off pests naturally. Shorter grass also risks exposing enough soil to the sun that the soil dries out quicker than you want. This is obviously not good because we want the soil to retain healthy amounts of moisture. Cutting the grass too short to limit the number of cuts you have to do is not worth it.

Not too tall

Letting your grass get too long can be just as damaging as cutting it too short. When you let it get too tall, the blades tend to bend over and shade each other out. This results in shorter grass blades having slower growth, which leads to uneven growth throughout the lawn. As the longer grass blades continue growing and choking out neighboring grass blades, they flop over and become much more difficult to mow. Letting the grass grow too tall is not worth it.

Cut Often

Cutting your lawn frequently, at the the same length, will ensure a healthy lawn that looks great and keeps pests and weeds at bay. If you need help in Southeast Boulder County, give Clean City Cuts a call.

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