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When to Start Mowing in Colorado

Here in the front range, we sure have some unpredictable weather. But one thing's for sure: sooner or later the grass is going to need to be cut. But when?

For a healthy, beautiful lawn all summer lawn we recommend that you start mowing in mid-April after the last major frost and before the grass gets over three and a half inches long. There is no specific date you should be aiming for because no two seasons are the same here in Colorado. Instead, you want to cut the grass after the roots have had a few weeks of warm soil conditions to strengthen themselves and before the grass gets too long for a proper cut.

After temperatures stabilize

When you cut grass, you weaken it temporarily, much in the way working out your muscles breaks them down temporarily. Then, the grass bounces back stronger than before, much like your muscles. If you cut the grass before a major frost and it doesn't have time to restrengthen itself, you run the risk of damaging your lawn. Here in Colorado, the last major frost (more than 24 hours below 32 degrees F) is usually in early to mid April. After we bid farewell to that last frost of the season, it's time to pull out the mower. Typically, you want to aim for stable temperatures about 40 degrees F.

Before it gets too long

In lawn care, there's a standard rule that you shouldn't cut more than one third of the grass length at any one time. So, if you let it get too long, you can't safely cut it back to a desirable length. Don't make this mistake, start your mowing schedule before the grass gets three and a half inches tall. Then, cut it weekly and cut it high.

Beautiful Lawn Tip

Get your mower blades sharpened. Poorly sharpened blades will do more damage to your grass than good and before you know it, you'll have disease, then thatch, then dead grass. Sharp blades make all the difference.

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