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Why Clean Lawn Care Matters

There are so many benefits to maintaining a clean lawn care program. This post highlights the main three benefits.




Removes Harsh Chemicals

An organically treated lawn is much healthier for your family than one treated with traditional lawn care chemicals. The chemicals most commonly used in this industry are toxic and dangerous. Our lawns are where our kids and pets play so these harmful chemicals should be avoided at all costs. When it comes to fertilization, organic slow release options are preferable. These indirect fertilizers come in a pellet form and break down slowly for continuously benefit to the soil. Healthy soil is the key to healthy lawns. As for herbicides, the products on the market work very well but we find that a healthy lawn can naturally keep weeds at bay. Healthy grass that covers all areas of the lawn will keep weeds down naturally and within a year or two, a healthy lawn can be maintained without herbicidal applications.

Eliminates air pollution

Operating a standard lawn mower means creating a lot of unnecessary air pollution in the form of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. In fact, a standard lawn mower produces eleven times more pollution than a late model automobile according the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. At Clean City Cuts, we use electric lawn mowers, blowers, and trimmers powered by clean solar energy so we do not produce any air pollution operating them. Although our vehicles do use gas and produce pollution, we aim to eventually move to electric vehicles as well.

Reduces Noise Pollution

Another key benefit to a clean lawn care program is the reduction of noise pollution. Lawn mowers can be very loud, which disturbs the neighborhood. At Clean City Cuts, we consider noise pollution to be a top concern, which is another reason we offer lawn care services powered by electric equipment. The noise level from our equipment is approximately 1/3rd that of traditional lawn care equipment. This means we can be in and out of your property without you even knowing we're there.

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